ESAB Caddy Mig C200i

ESAB Caddy Mig C200i

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ESAB Caddy Mig C200i small and of low weight. Thanks to its intelligent, compact design it is easy to take along to different indoor and outdoor worksites and also to tuck away when not used, making it handy both in the workshop and on the move. Torch fastening and built-in grooves for cables facilitate transportation.

Polarity change enables usage of gasless cored (self-shield) wire, making the welder independent of gas tubes as well as wind conditions.

Single phase mains connection makes it easy to find an electricity supply for the unit, and it works equally well when powered by a portable generator. *

Thanks to the built-in PFC circuit, Caddy Mig C200i can operate with extra long mains cables, over 100 m, giving the welder a very large working radius.

Supporting the welder

Caddy Mig C200i comes with a handy, ergonomic torch with a ball joint that decreases the stress on the welder´s wrist and helps the welder access the material in confined spaces.

Supportive internal design makes bobbin change quick and convenient. The side panel under which the built-in bobbin holder is found can stay open both when the machine is in upright position and when in lying position, making the bobbin easy to access.

The unit comprises a rubber surface for storage and putting aside of loose items such as wear parts and tools.
For tradesmen – repair, maintenance and assembly welding of mild steels, aluminium and stainless steels as well as brazing. This easy to use, intelligent and powerful unit offers excellent welding properties and is easy to take along to the job at hand.

Great if you are welding in the workshop or on the move.

Impact resistant design

Composite materials in combination with smart design solutions provide a durable and impact resistant machine, adapted to rough conditions. The control panel is recessed, which provides additional protection and durability.

Improving the weld quality

Set the plate thickness, test weld for a few seconds and the unit will automatically set and maintain the best welding arc. Qset provides easy machine setting and ensures consistent quality and ease of operation. Conventional setting of wire feed speed and voltage is also possible.

Caddy Mig C200i can be used for MIG brazing, making it possible assemble galvanized sheet metals and thermo sensitive materials.

Areas of application:

  • Repair, maintenance and installation works
  • Agricultural field
  • Car repair
  • For assembly and repair of metal structures
  • Transport
  • The field of household and furniture production Welding courses
  • Connection to a generator with automatic voltage regulation

Suitable for welding:

  • For steel
  • For stainless steel



MIG/MAG is welding using CO2 or a gas mixture as a shielding gas, and the welding source is also called semi-automatic. ESAB Caddy MIG C200i this welding source is designed to weld 5kg wire spools.


Welding processes


Flux cored

Specification ESAB Caddy MIG C160i
Input power: 230V 1Ph 50-60Hz +-15%
Fuse 16A
Maximum welding current 200 A
Maximum load, at 25% (40°C) 180 A / 23V
Maximum load, at 100% (40°C) 100 A / 19 V
Limits of control 30-200 A
Open Circuit Voltage 15 V
Wire feed speed 2 – 12 m/min
Maximum wire spool size 100mm (1kg), 200 mm (5 kg), (inner diameter - 51 mm)
Wire diameter: 0.6mm, 0.8 mm, 1.0mm
Power efficiency at maximum welding current 0,99
Efficiency factor at maximum welding current. 82%
Security class IP23C
Application class S
Standards IEC/EN 60974-1;
EN 60974-10
Operating temperature -10 to +40
Connector: -
Complectation: 3 m burner, 3 m long cable for connection to the mains with a plug. 4.5 m long gas hose with clamp and quick-connect connector, return cable with clamp, simple self-locking belt, torch and wire feed assembled for 0.8 mm diameter wire. Also included is 1kg of OK Autrod 12.51, 0.8mm diameter welding wire.
Welding processes: MIG/MAG
External dimensions (length x width x height): 449x198x347 mm
Weight: 11.5 kg
Manufacturer: ESAB

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